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About Us

Using our Knowledge and Experience for your Benefit

Reading Agricultural Consultants Ltd (RAC) has more than 50-years’ experience of providing advice on agricultural, environmental and countryside issues.
Our consultants’ breadth of expertise enables RAC to provide specialist services on a wide range of agricultural and rural issues. Including, but not restricted to:

  • planning advice for farmers, land managers, developers and local authorities on planning advice for all types of agricultural/rural development; from agricultural dwellings to major agricultural engineering projects;
  • preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) for agricultural developments, as well as contributing Agricultural Land Classification (ALC) surveys and farm impact assessments to EIAs for housing, minerals, infrastructure and other large scale developments;
  • providing technical support in respect of soil, water, nutrients and other aspects of resource use for modern rural businesses;
  • working with insurers and loss adjusters to identify causes and losses arising from disease, product failure, accidents and fires;
  • providing expert opinion on personal injury, loss of revenue, nuisance, health and safety, farm pollution, animal health and welfare, and soil contamination disputes; and
  • undertaking research and provide advice on planning policy; land and water management; access and Rights of Way; reservoirs; agricultural economics; resource use; and ecosystems services.

Our Team of Consultants

The RAC team comprises a unique group of experienced specialists from a wide range of agricultural and environmental backgrounds. This enables us to tailor our services to meet your needs.

  • Peter W Danks - Director

    Peter W Danks


  • Peter Williams - Associate

    Peter Williams


  • Howard Elliott - Associate

    Howard Elliott


  • Alastair Field - Director

    Alastair Field


  • Alex Lawrence - Director

    Alex Lawrence


  • Alan Bloor - Associate

    Alan Bloor


  • Ieuan Williams - Associate

    Ieuan Williams


  • David Williams - Associate

    David Williams


  • Sophie Webb - Associate

    Sophie Webb


  • Simon Haley - Associate

    Simon Haley


  • Harry Day - Associate

    Harry Day


  • Charity Mercer - Associate

    Charity Mercer


  • Olivia Wojniak - Associate

    Olivia Wojniak


  • Rebecca Chiazzese - Associate

    Rebecca Chiazzese


  • Louise Morcom - Associate

    Louise Morcom


Please click below for detail on the specialisms and experience of our consultants, or feel you have skills to become a member of the team.