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Litigation and Insurance

Our consultants work at all levels of the judicial process from the Magistrates Court to the High Court and have provided technical support for cases taken to the European Court.

We assist insurers and loss adjusters assess causation, liability and quantum in a wide variety of insurance claims providing specialist technical and management expertise in large, complex and unusual claims.

Specific expertise includes:

  • Odour and other nuisance associated with the operation of livestock production units
  • Waste management, pollution and contamination, including for the Environment Agency
  • Losses due to seed, fertiliser or spray failures taking into account chemical properties, timing of use, and application methods
  • Crop handling, processing and storage, including causes of and managing fires in store
  • Machinery failure in places like field, stores or milking parlours
  • Personal Injury Claims involving animals in the field or the interaction between man and machinery

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